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Cat friends with a fish?

I’ve finally seen it all, a cat sharing a bath with a fish. I’m actually lost for words, so much about this video just doesn’t make sense.

Weird Fish

Goblin Shark, Alien of the Deep

The Australian Museum has recently picked up another rare Goblin Shark which was caught several hundred metres deep by a commercial fisherman just off the coast of New South Wales between Sydney and Eden. What makes this particular fish look so weird is it’s bizarre ‘alien-like’ jaw mechanism, the scientific name of the Goblin Shark is Mitsukurina owstoni.

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Angling Coach TV – High Mill Lake Promo Video

L2 UKCC Angling coach Mike Salisbury, shows us round the beautiful High Mill Lake in the Charente region of France. Mike catches up with the owners of the lake, Andy and Tracy Jones for a quick question and answer time about their stunning carp fishing complex in France. We can also see what to expect from High Mill Lake when towards the end of his week, Mike nets a cracking 40lb mirror.

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For Life Experiences – Making a difference in the world of Angling

For Life Experiences is a not-for-profit organisation based in Hampshire. They work with a wide variety of people from right across the community, helping them to improve their self confidence, self esteem, social skills and learn a new life-long hobby. They are based at the FLE Fishery just outside of Romsey ( and offer everything from half day experiences to 18 week long ASDAN Educational Courses. For information about FLE please visit You can also fish their fishery on a day ticket basis so why not give it a go and join in the fun.