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NASH 2012 Full Promo DVD & Subtitles Nash Tackle Kevin Nash Carp Angler

Carp angling legend, Kevin Nash takes us on a journey through the new Nash Tackle product range as well as a look back at 2011. He catches up with some of the UK’s leading anglers including Jamie Clossick, Nick Burrage and also the up and coming Mike Harding who has been taking tips and tackle advice from the man himself Kevin Nash. We also see exclusive footage of Jerry Hammond’s huge 50lb common!

As Nash Tackle are now a huge international brand, this video has subtitles in six different languages.
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Bass Busting on Turtles

Chad Hoover and Jeff Little go kayak fishing for largemouth bass using imitation turtles. The reason behind the boys using rubber turtles is that they are hated by all fish, as they will eat the fish eggs from their nests. Largemouth bass and other species of fish won’t hesitate for too long before taking out a baby turtl