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Goblin Shark, Alien of the Deep

The Australian Museum has recently picked up another rare Goblin Shark which was caught several hundred metres deep by a commercial fisherman just off the coast of New South Wales between Sydney and Eden. What makes this particular fish look so weird is it’s bizarre ‘alien-like’ jaw mechanism, the scientific name of the Goblin Shark is Mitsukurina owstoni.
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Big Shark Eats Small Shark

These guys are sea fishing from the back of a boat when the small shark they’ve hooked gets attacked and eaten by a much bigger shark. The speed and power from the bigger shark is intense, you wouldn’t want to be it’s next target.

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Hammerhead Attacks a Tarpon

Nearly a 1 hour fight on this low-mid 100 lb tarpon in Boca Grande pass – Florida leads to an attack by a 12-14 foot hammerhead. Area is known for two things – 1) Loads of tarpon, and 2) because of #1, there are loads of big sharks…mostly bull sharks and hammerheads.

This happens quite frequently in Boca Grande pass…not much you can do. We did not cut the line, however we went into free-spool (hence me yelling “let him go”) to allow the tarpon an opportunity to elude the hammerhead. Unfortunately, we were in less than 10 feet of water…shark will win everytime in that situation.

Amazing Fishing Videos, Big Fish, Sea Fishing

Great White Shark Accident

This is an amazing video which shows the sheer power of a Great White Shark. Interesting to know and also a fact that this was not a shark attack. As you can see the divers put bait out to attract the sharks and as a shark named CC approached and took the bait he ran straight in to the cage. Sharks do not have a reverse gear so there is only one way for it to go. The shark does try to turn it’s head to get away but it was already stuck between the bars.