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Bass Busting on Turtles

Chad Hoover and Jeff Little go kayak fishing for largemouth bass using imitation turtles. The reason behind the boys using rubber turtles is that they are hated by all fish, as they will eat the fish eggs from their nests. Largemouth bass and other species of fish won’t hesitate for too long before taking out a baby turtl

Fishing Channels, Kayak Fishing Tale's, Sea Fishing

Mothership Kayak Fishing in Georgia

Captain Gabby and his team have converted a 1978, 42ft shrimp boat to help kayak anglers get into better fishing spots around St. Simons Island, Village Creek, Georgia.

Whilst on the trip, Jim Sammons lands the largest Red Fish of the trip and Ken hooks into something a bit more than he bargained for as his Musky rod bends in half!

Fishing Channels, Kayak Fishing Tale's

Kayak Fishing – Protecting Your Gear

One of the few downsides of kayak fishing, is that you’re fishing from a small platform that’s very close to the water. This means that it’s easy to lose gear overboard, and you have to expect that you’re gear is going to get wet. This episode provides some tips on how to keep your gear protected.